African Child – Your dreams are valid!

Eventually Africans will join us, they will realize our dream the Bantu Stall dream.

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As I was writing this article, I took out an old dairy of mine that I used to use in High School. This dairy is called ‘the Dream Big dairy’. I flipped through it and got to week 33 were in it they take the owners through a week of activities describing what it is to be an entrepreneur. Well I did not do that section of the diary because in high school my brain was program to learn only about engineering. Little did I know I will be an entrepreneur in the digital innovations. Probably after this article I will indulge myself into this week of activities.



But beside the point everybody in our day and age want to be an entrepreneur, a lot of them in the digital sphere, but very few do what is necessary to be one. The very first step to being an entrepreneur is to register your entity whether it is through CIPC for South Africans or even just getting a trade/vending license. That alone will push you forward to working hard, and by working hard you succeed. An entrepreneur is a person who starts and runs their own business, to me you cannot be an entrepreneur if you not register, rather you a “chancer” just trying luck. 



“Running a business will give you a lot of opportunities, you get to learn and live your dreams” so the dairy says. That bring me to the topic ‘African Child, your dreams are valid!’, these were the word displayed on a screen in Soccer City Stadium December 4 2017, at the biggest Hip hop concert recorded in history, to be performed by African artists. As I saw these words, I got assurance which I could feel in my heart, rhyming to the rhythm of the bass that came out of the speakers that, anything is possible. We predict the future by taking control of our present and shaping the future we want.





And from that day I never doubted my intuition to become a Digital Innovations founder i.e. an Entrepreneur. The seed that was watered on gave birth to a fruit called Helplink Africa, which happens to be the holding company for Bantu Stall. I will write about how we came up with Bantu Stall with my partners in the near future. 



I want to leave you knowing that Helplink Africa is a dream, and Bantu Stall is a revolution that defines to African Children, that their dreams are valid, their brand can be as good as Nike, Louis Vuitton or Gucci, besides American Swiss you can propose with a Tanzanite Diamond, and that MoFaya is as good an energy drink as Monster. Welcome to the Bantu Stall reality, and our hope is to share this reality with you!


Kudakwashe Mazhetese

Chief Executive Officer


Helplink Africa